The post-American world is now on full display- Washington Post


World Health Organisation was a minuscule organisation before coronavirus. But its annual assembly has attracted huge attention from various circles. The meeting portends a world in which American presence is inconspicuous.  

The editorial in the Washington Post underlines, “The first prominent speaker on the virtual meeting, with audience members throughout the world, was Chinese President Xi Jinping. It was a polished, confident and probably effective performance.”

The Chinese premiere reiterated how China tackled the crisis, helped African countries with personal protective equipments and gave consent to a review to show its transparency.

European leaders including Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel pitched in to endorse global cooperation in the fight against the virus. For the most part European Union has been the harbinger of a global consensus for a review into the handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Though, it was first raised by the Australian Prime Minister.

U.S. leadership was, howbeit, conspicuously absent with a speech by a mere Health and Human Secretary Alex Azar. The speech mostly reflected the animosity against China than the virus. For months Trump has warned that U.S. will leave the WHO. This episode sounded like it already had.

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“This was the post-American world on display: China assertive and confident. Europe trying to save what can be saved of global cooperation”, highlighted the editorial. A world that used to be led by American leadership is now in shambles.

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