Pakistani airliner crashes near Karachi airport with 99 aboard; at least 2 survive- Washington Post


A Pakistan International Airlines plane crashed near the Karachi airport Friday with only two survivors out of 99 people aboard.

The Washington Post reported, “In the moments before the crash, the flight captain radioed to report difficulties with the landing gear. The pilot then attempted an emergency landing, but the maneuver damaged a fuel tank and sent the plane careering into the nearby neighborhood.”

So far there has been no official word on the cause of the crash. “Local media also reported that more than two dozen residents of Model Colony, the poor, congested area where the plane crashed, were being treated for injuries at hospitals”, said the report.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed his condolence over the deaths and ordered an immediate investigation.

Further, the report highlighted, “Pakistan International Airlines has long had a poor safety record. In 2016, a PIA domestic flight traveling from Chitral to Islamabad crashed, killing all 48 passengers and crew members.”

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Last year another plane crashed after skidding off the runway at a small airport in the country. All passengers survived, but the plane sustained severe damages.  

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