Online events in upcoming weeks


The country has seen a spurt of online events due to lockdown. Karvaan India lists five of the most interesting ones.

1. Kommune presents Midnight Lockdown

A very special edition of Midnight Lockdown on July 20 featuring stories by Roshan Abbas, Tess Joseph and Sheena Khalid, poetry by Rabia Kapoor, and music by Osho Jain. Be a part of songs that will tug at your heartstrings, poems that will make you smile softly to yourself, and stories that will transport you to different places, and different times.


2. Digital Walk: Adalaj Vav – A Blend of Indian and Islamic Architecture

Due to the arid conditions, western India is home to some stunning stepwells, especially the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, which were built with the intention to store rainwater for a longer period of time. Of all these stepwells, the one at Adalaj is of unique importance. The stepwell’s intricate carvings are not the only things spectacular about it, the tale behind its creation is equally spectacular! Built in 1499, the vav incorporates design elements from Hindu as well as Islamic architecture and is the only vav with three different entrances that leads to the main well.


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3. Spooky Night with Kasa Kai At Google Meet

We are here with our Spooky Nights with Kasa Kai Share your horror stories & spooky experiences. Join us on our Google Meet and share your horror stories, with us. Also feel free to share creepy facts, personal experiences & the likes.

Guidelines for the Spooky Night

  • Please ensure a good internet connection so as to not hamper with your experience.
  • Leave all other work and be there for the whole session for a wholesome experience.
  • The virtual sessions will take place on Google Meet.
  • No use of cuss words, please.
  • No sexist, ethnocentric, Xenophobic comments will be allowed.
  • Please be ready at least 10-15 mins prior to the time mentioned so that you don’t miss the beginning! Hope you have a fun-filled time!


4. Liar, Liar! ft Sejal, Biswa, Kaneez, Urooj

A show with bold reality-bending comedians unable to distinguish fact from fiction. Biswa, Kaneez and Urooj along with your host Sejal play the ultimate game that reveals embarrassing and unusual facts about them as well other famous people. It’s a gossip game show you wouldn’t want to miss.


5. TC Panel Discussion: Evolving as a creator with time

With new apps, new platforms and new trends, building and staying in touch with your network of consumers with relevant content is a job that’s never fully complete. In this session, we gain insight from creative professionals to understand how they have managed to stay relevant on social media. For some, the answer might be moving from tabloids to their own YouTube Channel. For others, it could be evolving their public persona from being a creator to much more. They track their journeys with us, come listen to what they have to say.


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