Nidhi Razdan joins Harvard as Associate Professor


News: Award-winning Indian journalist Nidhi Razdan has decided to quit NDTV, where she worked for 21 years. She will be heading to teach journalism at Harvard University later in the year.

Some personal and professional news: after 21 years at NDTV, I am changing direction and moving on. Later this year, I start as an Associate Professor teaching journalism as part of Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences. 

NDTV has taught me everything. It has been my home. I am proud of the work we do, the stories we cover, the values we stand for, especially at a time when the much of the media has surrendered its objectivity

I will miss my colleagues deeply. Most of all, I want to thank Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy for being the most incredible mentors and bosses. You took me in as a 22 year old and believed in me. I never say never, so TV may one day beckon again. Wish me luck.

Nidhi Razdan tweeted the above message announcing her departure from NDTV.

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