‘Sikh man who sold his flat to support anti-CAA protests, now named in Delhi Police personnel killing’


DR. Bindra, the Sikh man who came to limelight during the anti-CAA movement in Shaheen Bagh for selling his flat to serve the protesters has been named in charge-sheet filed by Delhi Police in the murder of Police Officer Ratan Lal during communal violence in Delhi. The information was reported by far-right Hindutva website OPIndia that claims to have the document that names Bindra as a conspirator with others. However, when Karvaan India contacted Bindra for comments, he denied knowing about the charges but confirmed that Delhi Police had called him for an inquiry. 

 Here are five components of the story : 

  • According to OP India report, D.R. Bindra has been named along with 4 to 5 critical conspirators in this whole case, which includes Salim Khan, Salim Munna and Shadab.
  • Commenting on the matter, Bindra said, “ I do not know about the charges, and we will be able to comment on it in a day or so, but I have been summoned for inquiry owing for my presence in Shaheen Bagh protests. “
  •  Bindra Was actively involved in the anti CAA protests at Shaheenbagh and also ran langar there for feeding the protesters. 
  • According to OP India, “The charge sheet said beat officers were regularly deployed in the area of the protest to ensure that no law and order situation arose. After the murder of Ratan Lal, two-beat officers were also questioned, and their statements recorded to ascertain facts. They revealed that Salim Khan, Salim Munna, D.S. Bindra, Suleman Siddiqui, Ayub, Athar, Shahdab, Upasna, Ravishand others were organizers of the protest site.”
  • Many users on Twitter allege that Bindra has been fabricated for being an ally of Muslim protesters.

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