NHRC blames students for “police violence” in Jamia during anti-CAA protests


The National Human Rights Commission in its report on Jamia Millia Islamia pertaining to anti-CAA violence has blamed students and university administration for it. The report called the rampage carried out inside the library on December 15, 2019, by Delhi Police as avoidable but a result of protesters using the library as a shield.

Here are five components of the story:
  • Jamia Millia Islamia and adjacent areas erupted in large scale protests soon after the parliament passed CAA. The protest gatherings led to large scale violence on the campus, leaving several students severely injured.
  • A complaint was made by Mangla Verma and Mathew Jacob along with several students of Jamia Millia Islamia demanding a probe into the incident.
  • In its report, the NHRC has blamed students for illegally gathering at the site of the protest. According to the report, the students and residents gathered for protests after being denied permission. This instigated the police to take action against them, leading to violence inside the university library. The report terms the police action as avoidable but a result of protesters using the library as a shield. It also blamed the University for failing to share details of gathering with the local police.
  • The NHRC reports also cites limitation to Article 19 of the constitution and states, “It is worth mentioning here that freedom of speech, and assemble peacefully has constitutional limitations attached to it.” The organisation has recommended that the Government of Delhi compensates injured students, to identify police officers unnecessarily coming inside the reading rooms of the library several others.
  • However, critics allege that the report is partisan and absolves Delhi Police of its ‘mischiefs’. Campaign Against Witch Hunt of Anti-CAA activists posted on its Twitter handle that the report parrots the police version. The campaign also raised several questions on the report and asked if the organisation seek details of policemen who were on the campus on the day of violence.

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