End love jihad, or get ready for last journey: Yogi


Uttar Pradesh CM, Yogi Adiyanath while speaking at Malhani (Jaunpur), cited a recent ruling of the Allahabad High Court which said religious conversion for the sake of marriage is unacceptable. He warned those waging “love jihad” to fix their actions or be prepared for their last journey — “Ram naam satya hai ki yatra nikalne waali hai”. “The government too is in the process of deciding tough measures to end love jihad,” he said.

“Chori chhupe, naam chhupa kar ke jo log behen-betiyon ki izzat ke saath khilwad karte hain, unko pehle se meri chetavani: agar woh sudhre nahi toh Ram naam satya hai ki yatra nikalne waali hai (This is my warning to those who hide their names and play with the honour of our sisters and daughters: mend your ways or be prepared for the last journey),” he said while addressing a crowd in Mahlani, where a bye-election will be held for an Assembly seat on November 3.

“We have begun the Mission Shakti programme which is meant to guarantee security to each person, each sister. If someone does a wrong deed, then Operation Shakti is ready. Its objective is to ensure the security and honour of sisters and daughters,” he added.

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