Delhi Police responds to online campaign against ‘Witchhunt of ant-CAA protesters’


News: After eminent citizens comprising, academicians, filmmakers, activists, started an online campaign against witch hunt of anti-CAA activists, Delhi Police has released a statement stating that the Police force has done its job sincerely and impartially. And that the arrests made so far have been based on analysis of scientific and forensic evidence including video footages, technical and footprints. The statement released by the online campaigners had pointed out at several loopholes in the police theory related to the recent arrests.

Here are five components of the story: 

  • Soon after anti- CAA activists halted their hundred days-long protest against Citizenship Amendment Act in the aftermath of Covid19 breakout, Delhi Police went on a spree of arresting people and students associated with the CAA protests. Among those arrested by Delhi Police are, Sharjeel Imam (JNU ), Safoora Zargar( JMI), Khalid Saifi (UAH), Meeran Haider (JMI), and Ishrat Jahan (INC)
  • A group of concerned citizens came together to launch an online campaign against what they call ‘Witch Hunt’ of anti- CAA protesters. In a statement, the campaigners accused Delhi Police of “unleashing a war on young Muslims” and a generation of scholar-activists who faced a baptism by fire at a time of “systemic and systematic erosion”.
  • The statement has signatures of Manisha Sethi, Anand Patwardhan, Radha Khan, Ghazala Jamil, Sanjay Srivastava, Mukul Kesavan, Tanweer Fazal, Radha Kumar, among others.
  • The campaign statement said that theories based on which arrests have been made are full of loopholes. For instance, “police story against Khalid Saifi and Sabu Ansari is so riddled with holes that one does not know where to start. According to the FIR filed against them, when the police reached the anti CAA protest site in Khureji Khas, apprehending communal tension. In the hope of dispersing the protestors, Saifi, Jahan and 12 others incited the demonstrators to pelt stones at the police, with someone even firing at a head constable who allegedly had a fortuitous escape. Eyewitness have rubbished the police version, as does incidentally a video which shows the police dismantling the protest site with no resistance at all. This from the time of Saifi’s arrest – which shows an unarmed, composed and calm Saifi trying to reason with the police when they were trying to end the protest, completely calls the bluff of the police claim that Saifi was violent or instigating violence.”
  • Delhi Police in its response to the allegation wrote, ” While investigating Jamia and NE riot cases, Delhi Police has done its job sincerely and impartially. All arrests made have been based on analysis of scientific and forensic evidence including video footage, technical and other footprints. Delhi Police is committed to upholding the Rule of Law and bringing the conspirators, abettors, of NE riots to books and secure justice to the innocent victims. It will be not be deterred by the false propaganda and rumours floated by some vested elements who try to twist facts to their convenience. “

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