Amrina Khatoon dies of hunger, family accuses railway ministry of lying- Exclusive


A video of 35-year-old woman, Amrina Khatoon went viral on social media yesterday after a baby was seen with a shroud covering its dead mother at Muzaffarpur station in Bihar. This was one among many tragic visuals to emerge from daily reports of migrants stranded by the lockdown.

The child can be seen tugging at the cloth placed over the woman’s body and the fabric coming out while the woman’s body was not moving as she had died moments before.

The Railway ministry later tweeted in the day that reports of her death due to hunger was false and that she was ill before starting the journey.

However, when Karvaan India reached out to the family, it had a different story to tell. Mohammad Wazir, who is Amrina’s brother in law, claims that Railway Ministry is lying and that the woman did not have not any prior illness, and that she died of hunger. The woman worked at a construction site in Gujarat.

Commenting on Railway Ministries, Tweet, the man said, “Anyone who is saying that the woman had prior illness is lying. There is no truth to in it. She was fit and healthy and died because of hunger and thirst on the journey.

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The woman was a divorcee and is survived by two children. The elder one is four years old, and the younger one is two years old. The family belongs to Shrikaul village in Katihar district of Bihar.

However, there is another copy of a document doing rounds on social media that looks like an FIR filed by the brother in law on May 25, 2020, stating that the woman was mentally unstable and ill for last few days.

We are producing a copy of that document Tweeted by twitter user Aditya Sharma.

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