[Video] Interactive Session with Rakshanda Jalil at K-Cafe, Karvaan India


About the Book

But You don’t Look like a Muslim is a collection of essays by writer, critic and literary historian, Rakhshanda Jalil. Through these essays, Jalil interrogates religious identity and tries to understand how the interplay of culture, traditions and most importantly faith moulds an individual, as well as their perceived identity by the society.

About the Author

Dr Rakhshanda Jalil (born 21 July 1963) is a well known Indian writer, critic and literary historian. She is best known for the much-acclaimed book on Delhi’s lesser-known monuments called Invisible City: The Hidden Monuments of India and a well-received collection of short stories, called Release & Other Stories (Harper Collins, 2011). Her PhD. on the Progressive Writers’ Movement as Reflected in Urdu Literature has been published by Oxford University Press as Liking Progress, Loving Change (2014). Rakhshanda Jalil runs an organization called Hindustani Awaaz, devoted to the popularization of Hindi-Urdu literature and culture.

Organized by

Karvaan India

At K-Café, Abdul Rab Apartment, Ghaffar Manzil Colony, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, New Delhi, 110025

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