Trans Muslim woman writes to DCW about hate against Muslim women by Payal Rohatgi


News: Dr. Aqsa Shaikh wrote to the Chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women seeking action against actress and social media influencer Payal Rohatgi for her hate and abuse against Muslim women on Twitter.

Here are five components of the story:

  • Payal Rohatgi, self-proclaimed “Bhagwan Ram Bhakt” has been known for spreading false news that spreads fear and hate against Muslims. Her twitter account was suspended on June 9, and a police complaint has been filed against Payal for promoting enmity on the grounds of religion and for her prejudicial acts in distressing the harmony using public platforms.
  • Dr. Aqsa Sheikh wrote to the Chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women, “Her [Rohatgi’s] toxic views against Indian Muslim Women are very dangerous with far-reaching consequences for spreading hate.”
  • She adds, “This can lead to personal physical attacks on Indian Muslim Women as has been seen in the past when celebrities have defamed a community and their supporters taken to violence.”
  • Rohatgi’s account was restored after she took down offensive tweets commenting on Safoora Zagar and her pregnancy.

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  • Dr Aqsa Shaikh is a medical doctor and Community Medicine Specialist. She is Assistant Professor of Community Medicine at HIMSR, Jamia Hamdard. She is a Proud Transgender Woman and works on LGBTQIA+ rights, rights of Persons with Disability, and Mental Health.

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