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Karvaan India is India’s first not-for-profit digital news platform that intends to create a new sustainable model of independent journalism through small scale, not-for-profit business models. The model aims to keep journalism away from big money bags and yet not make it dependable entirely on donations.

Editorially we have some unique initiatives with a focus on bringing ground reporting back to the centre of journalism, and making it more impactful socially with an eye on Sustainable Development Goals like peace and justice, among others

Why there is a need for Karvaan India?

The democratic crisis in India is unprecedented. The institutional framework of the country is crumbling like never before. The media is supposed to be the watchdog of democracy, but is acting as a lapdog to those in power. There are several other online media platforms that are doing good work, but we believe that institutions critical to the democratic process also need to be controlled by minorities. The idea is to give minority communities enough editorial freedom to argue for their social, economic, educational and political development, apart from the discourse on physical security.

This will be a unique initiative that will give marginalised voices the platform to tell their stories to the world at large.

However, our editorial will not be restricted to minorities alone and will talk about important issues about the country at large and other communities. This, we think, is essential to a vibrant democracy.

How can you help?

Since its inception, we have thought of you as not just our audience but also vital partners in a democracy. We don’t ask you to be only donors for us. We request you to become our allies in this democracy, and we call this coalition—Friends of Karvaan India. Together, we can make the press more independent and inclusive.

Wait, as a Friend of Karvaan, you also get free access to all our events, a rich library and Masterclasses at discounted prices.

You can choose to donate any of these amounts every month

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