Urdu Hai Jiska Naam

Date(s) - 04/10/2020 - 08/11/2020
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Course Fee

Rs. 3000

About the Workshop

URDU HAI JISKA NAAM is a six-weekend course that helps you to learn read and write the celebrated language of Urdu using a blend of Technology Literature and Cinema.

Batch Size

40 (Number of Students)

Class Mode

Online (Zoom App)

Program Coordinator

Tanzil Rahman

Tanzil Rahman is a poet and an entrepreneur based in New Delhi. He is the co-founder of Karvaan and facilitates an Urdu learning program at Karvaan. Professionally he runs a consulting firm named Stepping Cloud and is an alumnus of AMU and IIM Bangalore.

Learning Plan – Session Topic

1. A brief history of Urdu – Understanding the Alphabet

  • Urdu- The historical perspective
  • Key Stages in the development of Urdu
  • Introduction to Urdu Alphabets and Phonetics
  • Joining alphabets to form words

2. Build your vocabulary – Tools and Tips

  • Writing Urdu – Tools, and Tips
  • Introduction to Urdu Dictionary
  • Tips on building vocabulary
  • writing using pen and paper
  • Technology aids for writing – virtual keyboards/dictation
  • Assignment – Writing Practice

3. Understanding Urdu Grammar

  • Urdu Reading – Tools and Tips
  • Key elements of Urdu Grammar
  • Singular / Plural
  • Masculine / Feminine
  • Introduction to Readin
  • Tips for reading
  • Technology aids for writing – virtual keyboards – Transliteration / Audio
  • Assignment – Reading Practice

4. Assessment 1- Quiz Time / Basics of the language

  • Team-based Quiz Competition on learnings from prior 3 sessions

5. Reading Comprehension – Pieces from Urdu Literature

  • Reading selected pieces from short stories/poems/satire
  • Reviewing Common pronunciation issues
  • Write what you read

6. Reading Comprehension – Pieces from Urdu Literature

  • Reading selected pieces from short stories/poems/satire
  • Understanding the meaning and theme
  • Write what you read

7. Write and recite your own song

Recommended Readings – For future

  • Situational Song Writing
  • Recite what you wrote
  • Recommended Readings

8. Assessment 2 – Final Performance

  • This will be in the form of a performance where each individual has to write/read/perform either solo or group. It can be a Short play / Skit, Daastan-goi / Talk / Mushaira, etc

Registration & Fee Payment

We receive hundreds of applications every quarter and the criteria to fill in the batches is first to come first.

You can register and pay the fee using the link below right now to secure a place for you right away.


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