Civis Stories is India’s pioneering media organisation to place special emphasis on reporting matters of Sustainable Development in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. We firmly believe that in the face of crises such as climate change, dwindling resources, and violations of Human Rights, it is essential to initiate a discourse on these matters from an alternative perspective.

As suggested by the name ‘Civis’, derived from the Latin term for Citizen, we delve into stories with a people-centric approach, transcending party politics to comprehend the implications of political decisions and policies on the general public. While Sustainable Development remains the primary focus of our online magazine, we also cover Geopolitics, Arts, Heritage, Culture, Books, Reviews, and in-depth Reportage on subjects of importance to us. We recognise the interconnected nature of these genres and the necessity to comprehend one in order to gain a perspective on the others.


Asad Ashraf

Asad Ashraf, an experienced journalist with over a decade of expertise, serves as the founding editor of Civis Stories. He has worked with reputable publications such as DNA, TEHELKA, WION, and India Today. Asad’s reporting focuses on politics, human rights, and conflicts. His investigative work in conflict zones, particularly in India’s Bastar region, uncovered instances of crimes against tribal women and the disturbing demand for rape videos in India.

Asad maintains a strong dedication to journalism and aspires to bridge the realms of law, journalism, and developmental issues in the future. In his role as the founding editor, he spearheads Civis Stories’ mission to deliver journalistic excellence and shed light on crucial sustainability matters aligned with the United Nations’ goals.