Hindu Sena comes out in support of ‘liberal’ Macron

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Amid the ongoing controversy surrounding beheading of a teacher in France and French President Emanuel Macron terming the attack as Islamic terrorism, Hindu Sena from India has come out in support of Macron and asked people opposing the statement from French President to go to Pakistan or Turkey.

Hindu Sena has been in the news in India previously for taking anti- Muslim positions and at times celebrating the birthday of Donald Trump and Queen Victoria.

Talking to Karvaan India, its chief, Vishnu said, we wholeheartedly support the French President on his take on Islamic terrorism and vow to stand by them in this fight against Islamic extremism.” Responding to a question on the contradiction between French liberalism and Hindutva, he said, “On questions of Islamic radicalism we all stand together.”

He also said that violent incidents in India against Muslims in the name of food and dress should not be compared with Islamic terrorism as these were isolated incidents of peoples anger against Cow slaughtering.

Meanwhile, there is a movement picking mostly in Middles eastern countries and west demanding boycott of French goods as a mark of protest against Emanuel’s comment on Islamic terrorism.

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