Delhi riots: Former civil servants and activists write to the President seeking inquiry into police probe

A letter endorsed by 72 signatories including Advocate Prashant Bhushan along with former senior civil servants, senior police officers, ambassadors and activists, has been sent to the President of India. It seeks appointment of “Commission of Inquiry” to probe Delhi Riots.

Here are five components of the story:

  • The letter seeks a “credible” and “unbiased” probe into the manner of investigation of communal violence carried our North-East Delhi in February, 2020, where 52 deaths were reported.
  • It highlights allegations of police complicity in violence and seeks a probe into the incident, under Commission Act, 1952, by appointing sitting/retired judges of the higher judiciary.
  • While the letter alleges that the Delhi Police “deliberately” did not prevent the violence in some areas and became complicit to it, Special Investigation Teams (SITs) led by officials have been formed by Delhi Police to probe into the matter. The Delhi Police Special Cell is also probing the aspect of conspiracy behind the Delhi riots.
  • The letter also points out a video where uniformed policemen assaulted an injured youth near Maujpur Metro station, allegedly illegally detained him for over 36 hours and denied medical attention. However, the addressees state that the First Information Report registered by Bhajanpura Police Station, makes no mentioned of the video and Delhi Police has not named any policemen as accused.
  • It is alleged that the Police refused to register FIRs in cases involving BJP leaders. The addressees have also objected to the approach opted by Delhi Police- criminalizing protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and portraying them as a conspiracy that resulted in Delhi riots.

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Author: Simran Kaur

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