Bahujan leader, Manisha Bangar to join Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

Bahujan socio-political leader and Hyderabad based doctor, Manisha Bangar has been invited to be a part of Masters program in public policy at Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago. The Harris School is rated as one among the best Health Policy institution in the world.

Here are five components of the story
  • Manisha Bangar will be joining the University this fall session.
  • Talking to Karvaan India, Manisha said, I am excited to join this program. Having a background as medical gastroenterology and a social-political &health care activist, I see myself at Harris getting involved primarily with South Asian as well as the African American community in the role of coalition organizer.
  • “My focus will be to bring forth the structural and racial disparity in the background of COVID pandemic, which is impacting the whole world. Caste, as a major determinant of affordability of Healthcare and underperformance of current policies, has been ignored in the Indian context by the policymakers.” She added.
  • Invitation to Dr Bangar is seen as progress being made by activists of the Bahujan community in getting their voices heard across the world. “ She has been a voice for the MULNIVASIS in addition to her medical practices. She has been working tirelessly irrespective of results,” Said, SIDDOJI RAO Convenor IAS IPS IRS officers forum Hyderabad.
  • The Harris School has been home to legends like Bertrand Russell & Barack Obama who have taught here.
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