In Karnataka, NIMHANS recommends no virtual classes for children below class 3

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The Department of Education and the Department of Public Instruction in Karnataka are yet to take a decision on whether it will continue classes for school students. NIMHANS recommends that virtual classes should not be held for students up to 3rd standard.

  • Commissioner of Public Instruction KG Jagadeesh said, “Department has not taken any decision on online classes yet. There are few complaints we received from parents. We are in the process consultation and we may come out with certain guidelines soon,”
  • Karnataka government has yet to decide on the online classes. Though it has decided to cancel online education for grades 1 to 5 amidst strong objections from the public sector, education experts, and parents.
  • Meanwhile, the Karnataka government has sought the opinion of mental health professionals at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences (NIMHANS).
  • In response, NIMHANS had recommended that virtual classes should not be held for students up to 3rd standard.
  • Citing the WHO’s recommendation, Dr. BN Gangadhar of the NIMHANS, said, “This is based on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommendation that those under 6 years of age should not have more than one hour of screen time. We also feel that lessons for those under this age are not too complex and it can be managed by family members teaching the kids. The teachers of nursery and playschool have also not received any training on how to teach children online.” 
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