Maharashtra MP interacts with NRIs from his constituency online, talks development

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News : In the event of its kind, Member of Parliament Imtiaz Jaleel interacted with NRI’s belonging to his constituency and discussed the development of Aurangabad, a city in Maharashtra that he represents in Lok Sabha from AIMIM. The Webinar was organised by a US-based organisation Our Voice, a platform that discussed local issues about the city. US-based IT professional Khan Abdul Basit founded it along with other youth from the city now living in different parts of the world. 

Here are five components of the story
  • The platform Our Voice that organised the Webinar works to nurture local talent from Aurangabad along with working on communal harmony and raising awareness on issues that matter. 
  •  One of the founders of the Khan Abdul Basit told Karvaan India, “We were pleasantly surprised that Mr Jaleel accepted the invitation and agreed to speak to all of us. We had written a letter to him stating the kind of work that we as a ground of NRI’s are doing in Aurangabad.” 
  •  In the Webinar Imitiaz Jaleel spoke about the need for communal harmony and peace in Aurangabad and laid importance on how peace was instrumental to the development of his constituency. 
  •  “I am happy to interact with common residents of my constituency doing well for themselves in foreign countries. I will use all your skills and resources to ensure that Aurangabad becomes the most developed city in the country.” Imtiaz said. 
  •  The Webinar was attended by USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Canada and UAE. 
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