Activists call for Twitter storm against the arrest of Anti-CAA protesters

News: As Delhi Police intensifies its crackdown against Ant-CAA protesters amid Covid19 lockdown, a group of academicians/activists have called for a Twitter storm against what they refer to as ‘ Witch-Hunt’ of Anti-CAA activists. This campaign is being organised under the banner of Campaign Against Witch Hunt of Anti CAA Activists.

 Here are five components of the story :
  • The group had earlier released a statement accusing the government of waging war on Young Muslims and Anti-CAA activists. 
  •  A statement released by the civil society group pointed out at alleged loopholes in police version about the arrest of Ishrat Jahan, Khalid Saifi and Sabu Ansari and others.
  • According to Manisha Sethi, a member of this coalition, The FIRs against activists do not speak of any specific act of violence but creates a grand theory of inflammatory speeches, and links these speeches to the outbreak of violence. Ergo, you need not demonstrate at all any participation of the accused in violence. The Special Cell seems to be following the Ahmedabad Conspiracy Case to the hilt. There appears to be no other purpose to the Special Cell’s entry but to give life to a dark ‘conspiracy’.
  • Delhi Police meanwhile had rebuffed these allegations and claimed that its investigation was based on scientific evidences without any bias and prejudices
  • Among those arrested so far are Sharjeel Imam, Dr Kafeel Khan, Khalid Saifi, Ishrat Jahan, arrested, Sabu Ansari, Meeran Haider, arrested, Chingiz Khan, Safoora Zargar, arrested, Shifa Ur Rahman.
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