Police beat up stranded Kashmiris in Jaipur, calls them ‘terrorist’

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Two Kashmiris stranded in Jaipur, amid the nationwide lockdown to curb Covid19 were beaten up and harassed by Police when they were out to buy daily essentials, reported the KashmirWalla. Altaf Dar and Bilal Ahmed are working as caterers in Rajasthan.

Here are five components of the story:
  • Altaf Dar claims that he was beaten up by the Police when he had gone out in search of ration in the evening of 29 April according to Kashmirwalla.
  • According to Kashmirwalla, when they went out to buy essentials, Police accused them of causing terrorism and thrashed them all over.
  • Dar’s roommate Bilal Ahmed said to the Kashmirwalla that the beating has caused him illness and cannot get out of his bed.
  • Bilal told the Kashmirwalla that they had no money to go and see a doctor at this point in time.
  • Both Bilal and Dar belong to Bandipora in North Kashmir.
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